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Gijaru WorkGear was developed with a mission to provide high-quality work kits to new starter employees. We have a commitment to showcasing and celebrating Indigenous culture through our workgear.

Gijaru Workgear Crib bag with custom logo

Mining Crib Bags

Now Available with Custom Business Logo

We now supply your own custom business logo. This feature is included for free when purchasing a minimum of 50 crib bags. Contact us to submit your logo.

Gijaru Workgear Coffee mugs


590ml Gijaru 304 Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug which helps to prevent heat or cold from escaping from your strong brew.

Finger print of different skin colors indicating inclusiveness.

We would like to acknowledge the Gija & Jaru people of the land on which we work and live and recognize their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We would also like to pay respect to the Gija & Jaru Elders, past, present, and future and extend this respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from other communities.

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Jamee Carey

I want to give new starters in the industry a sense of empowerment.

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Shane Simmons

Many years of experience in the trade and mining industries.

On site with the Gijaru Crib Bag



Gija is an endangered Australian Aboriginal language spoken in the east Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. It is no longer acquired as a first language, nor spoken fluently by younger generations of Gija people. Due to widespread concern about the vitality of their language, many members of the community are actively engaged in language revitalisation efforts by language-learning materials and records of ethnobiological knowledge, oral history, and stories told through painting.

Jaru is an endangered Australian Aboriginal language spoken in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Intergenerational transmission of Jaru is in the process of being disrupted and children are usually socialised in the English-based creole language Kriol, which also serves as a lingua franca of the wider area. Current research aims to document and explore interactional practices of Jaru speakers in ordinary conversation.

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