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Gone Camping - Returning Home, Jaru Country

Gone Camping - Returning Home, Jaru Country


We invite you to elevate your camping experience. Picture yourself relaxed in a cozy camping chair, your trusty camping table, and your camping essentials organized in the Gijaru Workgear Crib Bag. Let every camping moment be a celebration of comfort and connection.


My Camping Checklist:

  • Camping Chair
  • Camping Table
  • Gijaru Workgear Crib Bag

Our Cultural Camping Experiences

The Kimberley's is not just a place on the map it's a canvas of stories, traditions, and natural wonders. It's an opportunity to engage with the cultural richness that has thrived in this land for millennia.

Cultural Enrichment Through Camping

Imagine sitting around a campfire under the vast outback sky, listening to ancient stories passed down through generations. Our Indigenous family are the storytellers of the land, sharing traditions, rituals, and a profound connection to country. It's a chance to immerse ourselves in the living culture of the world's oldest surviving civilization.

Exploration of Traditional Practices

From the art of bush tucker to the significance of Dreamtime stories, every moment spent in the outback is an opportunity to delve into traditional practices. Our camping experiences provide a platform to learn, participate, and gain insights into the Aboriginal way of life. We encourage responsible camping practices and cultural respect.

Connection with Aboriginal Heritage

The outback is a living museum, and our guided camping experiences serve as a gateway to understanding and appreciating the rich Aboriginal heritage embedded in the landscape. Walk in the footsteps of the traditional custodians, explore ancient rock art sites, and witness the tangible connection between the land and its people.