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Crafted from durable, waterproof polyester and equipped with insulation to maintain the coolness of your lunch and beverages throughout the day. The bag features a food-grade PEVA lining and a water-resistant PVC construction, ensuring extreme durability for everyday use in our rugged Australian climate. Convenient small pockets on each end are perfect for storing cutlery or pens, while a front pocket provides an ideal space for essential items. Additionally, side clips are included for attaching extra lock-out tags, enhancing the bag's functionality.

Jamee Carey

As a proud Aboriginal man from the Kija / Jaru language group. I am deeply committed to creating opportunities for my community and providing a better future for my daughters. 

Gijaru Workgear is not just a business venture for me; it is about a dedication to showcasing and celebrating Indigenous culture and what we can do.

Shane Simmons

Originally from Carnarvon. Seen a lot of things out here. There is a lot of room for improvement and hope to be a part of it.