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Gijaru Workgear: A Tribute to Culture and Safety

Gijaru Workgear: A Tribute to Culture and Safety


Our mission is to provide high quality work kits to new employees, emphasizing quality and safety. We take pride in showcasing and celebrating Indigenous culture through our thoughtfully designed workwear. Our commitment extends beyond just delivering products; it's about embracing diversity and cultural richness.

Product Name Image
Gijaru Insulated Crib Bag
Crib Bag
590ml Gijaru Coffee Tumbler 590ml Gijaru Coffee Tumbler
Crib Essentials Kit Crib Essentials Kit

Key Takeaways

Product Name Type Features
Gijaru Insulated Crib Bag Crib Bag Insulated, Heavy Duty, Rugged Design
590ml Gijaru Coffee Tumbler Coffee Tumbler 590ml Capacity, Stylish Coffee Cup 
Gijaru Cooler Bag Cooler Bag Customizable, Promotional, Ideal for Outdoor Activities
Crib Essentials Kit Crib Essentials Kit All-in-one Package for New Starters

Tailored for New Starter Employees

We understand the challenges new employees face as they begin their careers. That's why our products are specifically designed for them. The Gijaru Insulated Crib Bag, 590ml Gijaru Coffee Tumbler, and Crib Essentials Kit are essentials to kickstart a successful journey.

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Mining Culture and Safety


Versatility in Workgear

Whether it's the customizable promotional Cooler Bags for brand visibility, Rugged Tool Bags for organized storage, Water Bottles for xtreme hydration, or Coffee Thermos for a caffeine boost, Gijaru Work Gear has it all. Our products are not just tools; they're companions in the daily grind.


Gijaru Work Gear is more than just a provider of work essentials; we are a reflection of cultural diversity and a beacon of safety in the workplace. Join us in our mission to empower new starter employees with high-quality gear that celebrates culture and ensures a secure work environment.

Visit our complete product page to explore our complete range and discover the perfect work gear for your needs.

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